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30 Fluffs

For All Your Waffy Needs

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Welcome to 30_fluffs

This is a friendly, low pressure community for writers and fan-artists to develop their writing and/or drawing skills. This community was inspired by the 30_kisses and 30_hugs communities.

The main idea is the same as that of the two above communities. Just sign up for your pairing at this post. For the duration of 30 themes, the characters will be yours to manipulate, after which they are free for anyone to use. That is to say that after you have completed your 30 works of art and/or fictions/drabbles, the pairings will be up for grabs again.


Like the above communities that require kisses and hugs, this community obviously requires you to portray fluff through your writing or art. Sweet, waffy, fluffy, fluff. Of course, people have different views on what fluff is so interpret it as you will. This can be the only requirement, but if you want more of a challenge, then continue reading below and REMEMBER to read the rules. Also please try and have fun!

Oh yes, before I forget. Het/slash/femslash/incest/etc. are allowed. All ratings are allowed as well, but please do tell what the rating is so we're all aware of just what kind of content we are wandering into.



The ";" stands for "or" so you may choose either one or both to do your fanfiction or fanart on.

01. teddy bear; doll

02. a ring; promise

03. transportation; farewell

04. misunderstanding; a heartfelt apology

05. sunrise; sunset

06. beach; park

07. eternity; time

08. the first time around; first impressions

09. daisies; wisterias

10. playing pretend; dress up

11. favorite; dislike

12. food; picnic

13. magic; illusions

14. lies; trickery

15. date; a meeting

16. banter; sarcasm

17. a hot day; ice cream

18. homework; distraction

19. language; translation

20. sunday; morning

21. night sky; veil

22. pets

23. a rose is a rose by any other name

24. heirloom; priceless

25. a distant place; memory

26. carnival; activity

27. diary; secret

28. falling; injury

29. pillow; sleep

30. love; fluff



It is NOT required of you to do it, but I wanted to do something original (or at least I hope it is... sort of). Besides having fluff in your fanfiction/fanart, and the themes, you can choose to have a recurring theme of sorts. It's because fluff isn't a verb or item that this can be done.

For example, you can choose to have a kiss (because it's quite the most popular and possibly most easiest) in every one of your fanfics/fanart. So you'll have to make your work fluffy, include the theme, AND a kiss. Of course, it doesn't have to be a kiss. It can be anything you want, but it must be in every one of your works. It is optional, but who doesn't like a little more challenge every now and then, right?

When claiming your pairings, tell me your challenge or you can ask me to choose one for you if you want it to be even harder for those who craves a challenge. Assuming that you want to do two pairings, then those two can have different challenges. It can be the same, but it doesn't have to be.



1. Like most of the other communities, you do NOT have to do the themes in order. Just do them as inspiration strikes.

2. You must post every 2 months, but I will let you keep your pairing up to three months if no one else is asking for it. After three months though (if no one else is asking for it, of course), the claim will be purged and the pairing is up for grabs once again. You will also have to wait two weeks before you can claim again. I will be nice though and you can ask for an extension if you're going on vacation or planning to go missing or something.

3. You can claim up to two pairings from two different fandoms. No threesomes, though, please. It just won't be fair to other people. Once you're done with your 30 themes, the coupling will be up for grabs once again, and if you do claim two pairings, we do expect you to do the 30 themes for each of the pairings. Collaborations are allowed, but limit it to two people, please and thank you. You are expected to do 30 themes between the two of you, not 30 seperate ones. When claiming, just have one of you claim, and give us the livejournal name of your partner.

4. To request a couple, please respond to this post with the subject line "My Claim, Please!". That way we'll know that you have read the rules. If you don't put that as the subject, then we'll kindly ask you to read the rules and it'll postpone you from getting your pairing. Also, please make sure you include the full names of both characters and the fandom that they are from! And check the list of claimed couples first to make sure they haven't already been taken.

Also, if you have already requested one couple, and would like to request another, make a new comment thread instead of replying to your old comment.

When you are done with a couple or decide that you can't/don't want to finish, please leave a comment in this entry so that couple can quickly be freed up for someone else.

I know how it feels when your favorite pairing is already claimed by someone else. Nothing can be done there, but you can be on a waiting list to ensure your place and claim on the pairing when the person is done or drops the pairing. REMEMBER, this DOES NOT mean you can post, it just means that you won't have to worry about someone snatching your pairing under your nose when the person is done with the pairing. Check the claimed list first, and if your pairing is really taken, then go here and request to be on the waiting list.

5. Once your couple(s) is accepted, you can do both writing and drawing for it. As long as you can finish the themes, the decision is up to you.

6. Interpret the themes as you will. Just make sure it's fluffy, and that is also up to you since your interpretation of fluff might be different from someone elses. If you are going for the challenge, make sure that it's in your fanfic/fanart as well.

7. Really, plain and simple. No flaming. It will not be tolerated, but comments are widely encouraged.

8. I'm not too strict on the length, but possibly longer then a sentence would be good. Just do what you want when it comes to length. Also, the style of the art is also up to you. It can be a sketch, colored, whatever. As long as you think it portrays what is required then it's all good.

9. Although you can use things that you've written/drawn before, please don't do it too often. It would be much more fun if you wrote or drew something new.

10. All your works should be behind an lj-cut and yes, fake cuts are okay in my book. It would be very appreciated if you used the format below.

Subject: Theme. Fandom. Pairing. Title.

Challenge (if using any):
Rating: (try to give us warnings on why you're using the rating)

Besides that, everything else must be under a lj-cut.

11. All ratings are accepted, but if it's anything R rated or above, you must post to the community and lock it so that members only can read. This is really important. If we find that you posted an R rated story or up, and didn't lock it, we'll only give you one warning.

12. Plagerism is NOT allowed. End of story.

13. Ah, I almost forgot this one. Whenever you post, remember to put in tags. You are required to put: # of theme, name of theme, pairing, fandom. It is optional, but you can put in the tag of whether it's a fanfiction or a fanart, and it would be nice if you can put in what your challenge is. If you still don't understand, here's an example:

#27, diary; secret, li syaoran x kinomoto sakura, cardcaptor sakura, fanfiction, challenge: kiss

This is what the tags you're suppose to put in if you're using the theme #27 which is the diary; secret one, your pairing is Sakura and Syaoran from Cardcaptor Sakura, it's a fanfiction, and you have accepted a challenge in which you want to add a kiss in every one of your 30 works. It does sound a bit complicated, but it isn't really. If you really are confused then just ask when you're requesting. Or at least until I get the FAQ page up.

14. One of the most important rules. Have fun!



Upon completion of all your 30 themes for your chosen couple, proceed to this post and post a comment with the full name of your fandom and couple. You will then receive a personalised banner, usually about 1 week to a month after.